Building Your Brand And Branding Message Using Social Media

***What Is Your Story?

 So, who is telling it? Is the narrative of your story being told by people who provide reviews for your business or perhaps it is your potential workers or customers telling your story about your product or service? If so, then what exactly are they saying? Are they providing the right message and are they giving the right impression that you would want to be told about your brand?

Most Business Owners do not invest the time and attention that they should to build up their brand or their brand's message that can resonate and become a household recognizable brand name. They usually pick out a logo and maybe even go as far as business cards and stationary. But then what?

Here are some ideas of what it takes to build an enduring and strong brand.

Stay unique when you make your logo design, as it being the only existing 'ONE' that will relate to and convey your brand's story idea. After all, it will represent an important part of your brand's history. Your logo's relationship to your brand will also become important in assisting the people who end up working for you, to understand and then convey the brand's story-line message.

The truth of the matter is that by building up your brand and telling your story about your product or service will provide that extra personal touch that helps people to care about your product or service. You as the business owner will then get to control the narrative of the story about your brand and it's messaging, but only if you put forth the effort to do it first!

Now from a promotional aspect the people who work for you will be actively presenting and representing your brand name to customers and potential customers. Make it to a point where they have comprehended that they should deliver the brand thoroughly and consistently while promoting the business in an ideal way.

Your brand name is your prized ownership and can become valued up to 50% of the valued reputation of the business. It is up to you and you alone to have your brand story and message to be clear, easily understood and focused in it's mission. The reputation of the business depends on the brand and messaging for it's present and future value.

Ensure that you are offering consumers relevant quality products and services that are needed today in your marketplace. You wouldn't want your brand and messaging to be 'obsolete' before it is even built? By doing this, you can ensure that customers will become loyal to you, making your brand name stronger and long-term.

Focus on providing good customer service, understandings from your customers/clients criticism or complaints as this will help to preserve your brand reputation for a long time. If you have satisfied many customers, your company's brand and messaging will grow making it on the top despite of the huge competition.

A good brand is known by the reputation of the company as it will stand out in the crowd of it's competitors despite the large number of competition in your marketplace that maybe offering similar products or services with an online presence. If individuals come to know, like and trust your brand name, it would be easy for them to find you and your company. The end result of these efforts of building your brand and messaging will help you to get a lot of new and repeat consumers, known as 'brand loyalty'.

Don't be afraid to learn new techniques as your brand grows, that can be applied to your company so that your brand name can develop a successful and popular credibility that people will grow to respect and trust.

As a Business Owner, most of us have come to realize the relevance of Social Media when it comes to Advertisement and Marketing. But, what about brand building and messaging?

How can you as a Business Owner use Social Media to build up your brand and brand messaging?

Well, the truth is that it is actually one of the best resources today to get your branding message out to those that would be interested in your product or service. With the rise of social media, beginning with it's inception, it has always been all about sharing what people have come to like and trust!

In using social media for building a brand and your messaging I would like to focus on the end result of content-based audience relationship building approach. If you do everything right, you walk away with a brand. Let me tell you, that is the best asset you will ever have for your business.

When we build our brand and messaging using social media, we build up a network of web 2.0 properties that is linked to our main website. (By the way, by doing it this way, your website also gets incidental SEO rankings and engagement) This means that every-time we post new content or videos on our website, it is broadcast and syndicated across our social media network building up our brand and messaging. It helps us to accomplish two important factors.

1. Building up recognition and awareness, for them to come to know us.
2. A trust and following that creates a relationship with our brand.

By touching on these key factors using our social media network you will be building up your brand and messaging while establishing a relationship and following with your customers and new potential customers. This will also help the business owner to keep their social media marketing and brand building efforts to a minimal, instead of it seeming like a time consuming task on your to do list.

Business Owners have the best avenues in today's social media and tech society to get their story out there to build up their brand and their brand messaging.

In Conclusion, their are several more points that we can make, but we would rather invite you to one of our workshop training that we are offering for business owners that are serious about wanting to build up their brand and messaging.
This is not one of those overnight success stories. This requires real work. This is the real deal. Are you ready for the journey? Sign up today!

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