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Revealed: The Blueprint Coaching Program That Your Business Needs


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The impact that a business coach will make on your business. Why time management is a key element that will impact your business bottom line. The essentials of team building and the impact that it has on your customer service and sales team. How building a good business foundation blueprint will help you to scale your business faster. Does the structure of your business really matter? What are the key elements that your business needs for growth and expansion, and how not having these elements can keep your business stagnated?

You may ask yourself, why does my company need a business coach?. Well, a good business coach helps you to build a winning team, and can also see the finish line even when you can’t. Listed below are 7 different areas that a business coach will help you to improve your business.

Our Business Coaching Program Is Broken Up Into Sections:

Building A Foundation:


Business Team Building


A motivated team is a winning customer service team. A good work environment is a mentally healthy environment that creates a desired place for staff and employees to serve their customers. This  training will benefit both staff and your customers/clients.  

(Valued: $2,999.00 = 90 Days)


​Business Time Management 


Time is money, and there are different ways that your business can get the most value for it. Our programs for managing and budgeting work time scheduled tasks will improve your business productivity levels.

(Valued: $1,897.00 = 90 Days)


Business Compliance Check


Does your business check all the boxes as a legal structure? Most businesses don’t find out these things until it’s too late. Whether it is trying to get financing for the business or preparing for growth and expansion. Even the many tax breaks that a business owner could gain from your business can become, “null and void” by not being in compliance. 

(Valued: $4,769.00 = 60 Days)

Key Elements:


Business Valuation 


What is your business worth today and why does it matter to know? There are a lot of ways that a business can build up it’s net worth, do you know what they are? The value behind the brand and reputation of the business can be worth up to 50% of the business valuation. Let us help you to add that growing value to your business that you can reap the benefits from it?

(Valued: $4,197.00 = 180 Days)


Business Staff Education 


Having safety training and drills can reduce workplace accidents by up to 65%. It takes preparation and executing regular goals to have it become an incentive driven program in your business. Training the right individuals for the wrong job descriptions can impact your business and slow down productivity. We will help you to change that in practical application.

(Valued: $3,768.00 = 90 Days)

Growing With Key Elements:


Business Documents And Corporation Paper Trail Guidelines Requirements 


When it comes to the paper-trail aspect of running a company most business owners and principals really have a tendency to neglect this area of their company. No one likes paper work, we get that! It is a necessary duty and evil that can make the difference between your legal structure, protecting you and your business or not. If you went through all of the trouble to getting it set up, then why not keep it in place?

(Valued: $3,950.00 = 180 Days)



Business Blueprint For Your Business



We will sit down with you and your team to help you to create a present and future revenue value blueprint for scaling your business. Our team will assist you in finding where the money holes are in your business or current plan, to help you plug them up and start on the growth money trail.  From there, we will execute a blueprint based on your business model that can help you to fast track the scale-ability of your business.  

(Valued: $8,999.00 = 180 Days)

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 for 12 month’s worth of Services that will definitely help to increase your company’s bottom line. 

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We Are The Missing Piece For Your Business Solutions

We Are The Missing Piece For Your Business Solutions

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Business Coach: John C, 

John has over 35 years of business experience. He has been the CEO of three major businesses and he has assisted several hundreds of entrepreneurs  in starting up their own companies and businesses. John is ‘Business Credit Certified’ in the areas of business credit building and business funding. He is currently involved in commercial real estate investing as well as helping companies with establishing a good foundation for business credit and lending. John will be leading the team that will be making the transformation for your business. His expertise will speak for itself.

John, we wanted to thank you for everything you did to help my bride and I in starting our businessWe always dreamed of having our own business and your coaching and training helped to educate us and make us feel comfortable enough to take the leap. We are now doing over $755,000 in revenue. We just wanted to say, Thanks!  .

Chris Anderson, CEO at Incorp Inc.

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