Get Your Personal Assets And Your Business Assets Protected Using An FLP And LLC Set Up Correctly !

– Don't wait until you are being sued before you realize the  value of these entities!

If you care about your business and your personal assets, then you probably have an idea about the dangers that exist — live your life with peace of mind to be able to GROW your business. Most people and business owners, never think that it will happen to them until it's too late. Let us help today, with preventive care to get your personal and business assets protected. That’s what we are here for.

What Is The Business Asset Protection Program?

The Business Asset Protection Program is a group of the best licensed asset protection attorneys accompanied by a full service research staff  that enables you the best Asset Protection for your business and personal assets TODAY. 

There is nothing else quite like it on the market today!

Why You Need
Business Asset Protection?

Figuring out how to defend yourself against a suit can cost countless hours of headache & frustration and thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars in attorney & legal fees. Not to mention all of the time and effort that you will have to dedicate to defending the suit and be away from your business. With our Business  Asset Protection Program,  our license attorney's  remove all of the “guesswork”. 

        We have experienced attorney's that used to be on the other side of the legal table working against business owners and going after their personal and business assets.  The experience that they have gained from their past,  will help you to achieve the HIGHEST amounts of protection for your business and personal assets in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible — helping you to get the peace of mind that you deserve.

How The Business Asset Protection
Can Help You? 

By getting your personal and business assets protected, you can rest assured that you’re taking the right steps in the right direction to essentially, GUARANTEE that you’ll get the peace of mind that you and your family deserve everybody runs the risk of being sued. But as a business owner, you represent a bigger target for a suit or cause of action — even if you are a business that has just Started up.

We help you understand what type of risks are out there and how to develop a solid "DEFENSIVE PLAN OF ACTION" to protect yourself and your business from these types of risks. Our license attorney's will even assist you with legal strategies that can help you to maximize your business tax deductions while you are growing your business.

We’ve decoded the entire process for you into
easy-to-follow bitesize steps!

Interested in learning more about our Business Asset Protection Program?

Business Asset Protection Benefits

  • Getting business and personal asset protection beforehand  from a "charging order" in event of a suit

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    Having your personal and business assets protected  before the lawsuit occurs making you a less likely of a target as most attorney's do their due diligence for the suitability (net worth) of the defendant  before they take on a suit or cause of action case

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    Receive A FLP and LLC, Entities to protect your personal and business assets with along with guidance and instructions on how to use them correctly to stay in compliance with the legal protection laws 
  • Helping You Set Up A Living Trust For Your Heirs To Prevent "PROBATE" Saving You Time and Money

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    Corporate Compliance Review to Ensure Your Business Qualifies for the Best Tax Benefits

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    Working with the Business Owner to assure that they have the required legal paper trail that will continue to provide the "validation" of their business entity.  

  • "Overall the greatest 'BENEFIT' is Saving You and Your Family Both Time and Money In Expensive Legal Fees Trying To Defend Against A Lawsuit"  
  • Pay $997 today, then $297/week for 24 weeks




$1,495/single payment

  • Pay $997 today, then $497/month for the next 12 months

What's Included

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    Legal Asset Protection Consultation
  • Choosing The Best State Of Incorporation With The Best Liability Protection Regulations For Your Business Goals 
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    Meeting The Criteria Of The Lowest Cost Annually To Maintain Max Protection For Your Business Entity 
  • check
    Lowest Cost For A Registered Agent 
  • check
    Website and Email Credibility Check
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    2 hrs of Business Strategy  Planning
  • Compliance Check on Your Business (*If Have And Existing Business Or Structure)
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    Fix Preexisting Faulty Entities Structures *(If Applicable)
  • check
    Best Structure For Your Business Protection Strategy * (Partnership, LLC or Corporation)
  • check
    Choosing If The LLC Will It Be A Multi-member or Single-member?
  • check
    Choosing If The LLC Will Be  Manager-managed or Member-managed?
  • check
    Choosing The Best Tax Method For Your Business?
  • check
    Two Custom Entities INCLUDED New LLC * Corporation * or FLP *
  • *Note - That You Will Be Soley Responsible For The State Filing Fees And Registered Agent Fees
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    Legal Documents With The "Keywords" Contained In Them
  • check
    Medical Reimbursement Plan  - 100% Medical Deductions Documents
  • Education Deductions Documents (Tax Deductions For Any Workshops or Training To Further Your Business Education)
  • check
    EIN and IRS 2553/8832 Assistance 
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    100's More Of Tax Deductions and Legal Protection Documents  
  • Business Bank Account Set-up Assistance
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    Choosing A Registered Agent & Access To Our Int'l Accounting Team
  •  Probate And Living Trust Consultation
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    Asset Protection Hotline Support To Answer Your Questions *(During Normal Business Hours Only)
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    English and Spanish Access Availiable
  • Security And Peace of Mind= PRICELESS
  • *Schedule a FREE Business Credit Building consultation Strategy session and receive a 'business compliant website'  as a special bonus for your business.    (A  Total Value of $1,997.00, for your business)
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