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Rawa TV | Remote (EU timezone overlap needed) | Full-time | Full stack developer, React Native developer

Rawa TV ( is a live streaming platform targeted for gamers across the Arab region. We are building the largest arab gaming community that will help gamers directly engage with each other and monetize their passion through our platform. We are backed by strong investors, close to 6 figures of users, growing at a rate of 400 new sign ups per day, and for our next phase of growth we are looking to increase our team with dedicated and talented people.

Work is 100% remote but not async, therefore some EU timezone overlap is needed. In the direct chain of command, everyone but the CEO comes with a strong tech background, so management does understand you. Being a startup, there is also no clear chain of command, but rather a mist.

# Full stack developer

As a professional full stack developer, you will take both frontend and backend tasks, but the ratio strongly favors backend. At the moment the code is v1.0, so not pretty, but a rewrite using proper microservices boundaries and clean architecture is on the horizon.

## Requirements

– Typescript (though good JS knowledge is enough)
– Comfortable with relational databases (PostgreSQL & MySQL)
– General AWS practice, more specific ECS, Lambdas, RDS Aurora
– ReactJs

# React Native developer

At the moment our frontend is split into 3 independent projects, with independent developers: web, Android & iOS. We would like to unite all under one roof, and think React Native is up to the task. As a professional React Native developer, you will be tasked with taking the current project and rewriting it, with a focus on Android and iOS. A separate colleague will focus on web and backends integration, and it’s expected that you will work together closely.

## Requirements

– React Native – Typescript
– Expo – Typescript
– Ability to copy-paste from StackOverflow when dealing with Android/iOS specific issues (some native knowledge heavily preferred)

If you think you fit the job description, please send your CV and any other documentation of your choice to

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